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Process Introduction

At present, ion-exchange membrane caustic soda to the main process. According to the order process into a salt water, refined secondary brine, electrolysis, dechlorinated dilute brine, Cl2 processing, H2 treatment processes. Core process is the second part of salt and electrolytic refining.

The First brine purification is the main purpose of control suspended solids (SS) with a wide range of impurity ion content in the framework of the requirements for the saline secondary refined production ready. The second part of refined salt is the most important chelating resin tower, so rough after saline through resin column to remove divalent cations. Refined in the second part of process of brine into the tower before the chelating resin tube set or other types of carbon filters to further reduce the salt water content of suspended solids. Preparation of electrolytic caustic soda process is the key process indicators in line with the requirements of the electrolytic refining cell when salt water flows through a certain role in DC, the ion exchange membrane by the occurrence of ion migration, and ultimately the formation of liquid caustic soda in the cathode, anode solution produce light with saline, the cathode gas to generate H2, the anode gas to generate Cl2.